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Getting your car to spring forward.


The worst of winter is over and spring is quickly approaching. As a driver, you went through a lot this winter. Hopefully, you didn’t get stuck in the snow. Still, with the prospect of any more of the white stuff becoming less likely, it’s time to prepare for the coming spring and summer months. Before you do that, however, you should remember that winter can be a harsh season for vehicles of all makes and models. Before the spring starts, it may be time to do some quick maintenance to deal with the effects of those cold months. The professionals at Mr. Transmission would like to offer some general tips to get your car ready for spring.

Clean-up time

When driving during winter, you have to remember that the very materials used to let you drive on the road can and will damage your vehicle. Rock salts and other anti-freezing minerals can be corrosive to your vehicle over time. Even though they eventually slide off during the spring months, not taking the most basic measures to clean your vehicle can cause these deicers to shorten its life, and can cause certain parts to fail. While the professionals at Mr. Transmission would enjoy your visit, you probably don’t want to come in too soon because your transmission isn’t functioning the way it should. So what you should do is get your car washed, either by yourself or through a professional car-wash service, when it’s clear that there won’t be any more snow in the forecast. When you go through that process, be sure to take extra care of the undercarriage. The rock salts tend to hang out there in odd places as a result of being kicked up from the road. Just as important as the outside of your car is the inside. It’s likely going to be dirty after having to deal with months of sand, snow, salt and mud. The end result isn’t going to look or smell pleasant once the temperatures consistently go above freezing. So it’s always a good idea that when you wash the outside, you take a vacuum and remove all the debris that’s accumulated on the car seats, floors and matting. Having your vehicle looking fresh and clean not only extends its life, but makes it feel comfortable. Two other components that also take a beating in the snow and sand is your paint job and your headlights. The rocks that get kicked up can easily scratch the paint, especially around the bumper and side panels. Meanwhile, the corrosiveness of the salts will damage the coating on the headlights pretty quickly, which results in them yellowing and losing their brightness quickly. While Mr. Transmission don’t offer fixes in this situation, sister brand Alta Mere: The Automotive Outfitters can solve both these problems for you. Its paint protection provides a coating that protects against the grit that hits the vehicle. Meanwhile, its headlight restoration service sands off the dirt that forms in the headlight and applies a new coating.

Keeping up with the routines

Obviously, you’ll want to perform some routine check-ups during the process of performing post-winter care. If you skipped out on regularly scheduled maintenance because the snow on the ground was too much, now is a good time to make an appointment at your local Milex or Mr. Transmission. It’s better to have your maintenance delayed than to not do it at all. Even routine measures such as transmission checks and oil changes should happen if they were skipped in the early part of the year. Meanwhile, ahead of any visits, review how your car’s holding up in the aftermath of the cold season. Checking the air pressure of the tires is always a good idea, since the temperatures can alter them. More importantly, looking at the car fluids is an essential. By running your vehicle through winter, the engine and transmission often have to work harder than they would during other months of the year. As a result, transmission and braking fluids as well as motor oil can degrade. Check to make sure they’re at they’re proper levels, especially if you plan on taking an extended road trip in the coming months. Another part that gets hit hard during the winter is the brakes. They’re even more exposed to the snow and salts than the rest of the undercarriages. When driving, pay attention to any noises you may hear, such as grinding or squeaking. It may be a sign that your brakes needs to be checked. With proper vigilance, you can keep your car running strong after winter.


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